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Conflicts create you

Not destroy you

I used to think that conflicts are problems and I want to stay away from them.

Cross-culture experience brings me so many conflicts and they suck energy. I can say a part of me is in a very eastern way and the other part is in a western way.

I realized that it’s not the conflict itself causes problem. It’s how we perceive them and whether we are giving this conflict the power.

Conflicts are simply white and black colors, top and bottom, healthy and unhealthy, feminine and masculine, bright side and dark side etc. Each side exists because of the other side.

When conflicts becomes a problem, they are like two arrows pointing to each other, just like I want to eat at home and my boyfriend wants to eat outside.

The real reality is that it’s our mind to decide whether the arrows point against each other. The two arrows can also be perceived as pointing up and down, which the two are not against each other and just simply going different directions.

The way the conflicts go against each other mainly because each side wants to win and take over the other side, but they forget that if bright don’t have the dark side, bright itself cannot exist. If people believe in God A against people believe in God B, they may simply forget that God A will not exist without God B. The whole world believe in God A, there will be no God A because it will be only God.

Albert Einstein once said "Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." If we are so clinging to one side and we put ourselves in that “eat at home” spot, all we see the other side of eat outside is “against me”.

What is this ME?

It’s hard to answer… but eventually we need to choose TO BE or NOT TO BE or area in the middle.

No matter where we put ourselves, let’s be there, and totally be there. Also, totally not be there.

There will be no more conflicts, only state of being, changing and evolving.

This goes with the Chinese symbol of YIN and YANG.

Look at the two forces here. It’s actually and 3 dimensional moving concept. The white and the black force together forms a spiral. The two forces go with each other and they always go in opposite directions. They keep dancing and creating.

Conflicts creates you not destroy you.

Next time we meet conflict, let’s give the other side a hug and ask them to dance on the next moving level!

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