You probably notice that there are such a group of people: they care about deep and genuine connections between human beings. In most cases, the service they are offering is hard to measure since the value is based on human experience. They are experts in some significant but abstract fields such as trust, peace, love, belongings, wellbeing, mindset, life-changing events, fulfilments, worth etc.


They normally called themselves coaches, but they can have different names such as consultants, practitioners, counsellors, Doctors etc. One thing in common is that there is always one-on-one deep connections involved in their practice, they care about the whole person and the results always depend on each individual’s experience.


Can I just call them “deep influencers” for now…


In today’s world, different media, automation and AI technology are flowing to our life like a big wave that nobody can resist, and that is the trend. It is said that in the next ten years, most of the jobs will be replaced by machines.


What’s the thing that can hardly be replaced by technology?


I would say, that’s the connections of beings.


Ironically, genuine human connections on this planet are becoming less. The internet, the machines, the big data, and the AIs take care of more and more functions in our society. One day, it is said that AI will be smarter than human.


This gives me a big question: what’s the meaning of a human being? What’s the advantage of human?


It’s probably not how much knowledge we remember, not how skilful at a certain job, not the amount of money we earn.


Maybe it’s our life experience as a human makes the difference. Have you ever have those moments in your life which you totally forget about time and space and you just fully alive?


Maybe it’s about inspiration. Can inspiration be created by the artificial intelligence? From my perspective, inspiration is something special to human and most of the time it doesn’t come from past experience. It’s something that comes in at a certain time and we can miss it or catch it. We can catch it only when we aware at that moment when we connect with the unlimited power and wisdom from the universe.


Maybe it’s about living fully with our potentials, creating as much as possible value, and become who we want to become…


How can humans feel that they are human alive? Connection with other beings, with nature, and with themselves are some of the ways. Without a connection, we never live.

Connection builds trust, trust creates the space, and spaces prompt possibilities. The connection between humans really depends. You can find this coach resonate with you so well and the other person may find it opposite.


Here is a critical thing: How to choose a best-fit coach from all the different coaches? Sometimes it doesn’t work is not because the coach is bad, but because it’s not a good fit.


Sometimes it’s pretty hard to explain the experience until you try it, but at least I will try my best to gather more information.


I commit myself to study this field with my passion for what makes people change and how can coaches support people.


Please help me spread my message to the coaches you know, and I would love to connect with them.


Also, let me know what questions you have about coaching and what you are curious about coaching!

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