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Hello coaches! Invitation to an interview

Hello coaches!

Would you like a piece of free publicity?

I will have none biased interviews with different selected coaches. Each lasts about 20-30 minutes. Online or face to face.

My purpose is to let more people know about coaching and I want to learn from different coaches as well.

I will film and edit the video and ask for a consent before I put it online. The videos will be put on a YouTube channel(100 interviews with coaches) and will have a link to the coach’s website.

Normally, the list of interview questions are as follows, but questions will be catered to each specific coach and I am open for adjustments:

1. How do you like to introduce yourself
2. How do you define “coaching”?
3. What kind of people can benefit the most from you? What’s the coaching area that you are best at?
4. What're the things that make you different from other coaches?
5. How do you measure result/the return on investment?
6. What do you think it’s the best value that coaching can bring to people?
7. What’s the hardest thing as a coach? What’s the biggest problem you see in your coaching industry?
8. What do you think it’s most important in getting the result with coaching? What’s the key thing that makes a positive change happen?
9. What’s the best thing about being a coach?
10. One piece of advice for people who want to become a coach?

Let me known your ideas and I am always open to it. Leave a message to me now.

Link to my channel:

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