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Make a decision first

And not to be limited by it...

For young immigrants like myself, we are facing so many opportunities, resources and choices. One of the hardest things to do is to make a decision.
As a Chinese immigrant, when I see China is developing so fast in the past ten years, should I go back and serve my Chinese market or should I stay here in Canada?
It seems that there are always two sides and we are forced to choose one side and satisfy another side. Sometimes it's so painful and we end up indecision or struggling from one to another.
What if I can choose both sides?
What happens if I choose one and commit to it?
What I have learnt is that making a decision first, do it, then learn.
We are not necessary to make a Right decision, it's essential to make a decision!
I have been like those who floundering between sides too...
Eventually, I realized that it's not that important which city you choose, which career you choose, and which direction you choose.
The KEY is not to choose any side.
You may be confused.
What this means it's that be committed to your actions towards a decision and keep evolving, but not to let your mind limit your possibilities and not to let possibilities stop you from making decisions and actions.
It doesn't need to be perfect, just start DOing it first. And I will never now who I will become ten years from now.

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