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Project: 100 interviews with different coaches

The word “coaching” is widely used in the market and the meaning varies.

Voice coach, fitness coach, nutrition coach, life coach, wellness coach, sports coach, business coach, executive coach, marketing coach…you name it.

Basically, the coaching industry is to support and help people grow, and there are so many ways and methods. If you are looking to invest in a coach, which one should I choose? If you are looking to become a coach, what are the possibilities?

Do coaches give guidance or not? What different tools and approaches use? What types of coaches are available there? Should I hire a coach with a credential that I have no idea of? Do I need a coach or something else?

I am quite confused, even as a coach myself.

Here is my experiment. I am going to interview 100 coaches around the world and trying to figure it out a way to better understand the coaching industry, as well as a more effective way to connect coaches and potential clients. The purpose is to study what coaching is, why to hire a coach, what types of coaching are available and how to choose the best fit.

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