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Who are you becoming

So many of us immigrants end up working their whole life as a middle or lower class just making ends meet, why?

What kind of seed in our mind did we plant that’s so powerful?

I used to be told that being in Canada make me a secondary citizen; I used to be told that how can you compete with native English speakers and that will take a LONG time and you need to work so HARD…and I was unconsciously affected by those ideas and thought that's prabaly the reality.

Deep down I have this insecurity and unconfidence, even if I can be the most hardworking employee that contribute most to the company.

Left work latest and get pay lowest. Feeling not being recognized or not having value.

I am still thankful to all the companies that hire me and gave me so many opportunities to grow. The KEY is not the pay, is how this experience Creates you. A smaller you? Or a bigger and happier you?

Your current situation itself is not good or bad, the YOU that is becoming matters!

I started with small steps, even just an investment in my personal development, or just SAY THE TRUTH: I deserve more, then ASK for it!

So many times we treated ourselves so cheap, and we still didn’t recognize that. Yes, I was told that I worth only $11 an hour, do I need to keep living under others' judgement?

Everyone of you are Expensive and Valuable, but you need to make yourself believe in that idea first.

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