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Your biggest obstacle is you

When you are so painful, you definitely want to do something to stop it, such as seeing a doctor when you are seriously sick.

However, when it comes to achieving something, what can motivate you? The happiness comes with achieving something and the pain of not doing it? In most case, the comfort staying in where you are now is much stronger than the desire to change, but this comfort is like cigarettes, addicted; it’s like the virus, keep fighting with the other voice.

Let’s name the Self that wants to achieve your goal “the white dog”, the Self dragging you back and clinging to comfort and previous identity “the black dog”.

They are constantly fighting.

Every time you raise one white dog, there are hundreds of black dogs coming against it.

Oh dear, how can you move on?

Every time this white dog get hurt so badly… The unfortunate thing is that you keep bringing this white dog back and get hurt. It could be peaceful if you don’t raise the white dog.

WHY are you keep bringing back the white dogs?

WHY are you keep feeding the black dogs to kill the white dogs?


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